Corrupt master file table Windows 7 Storage Drive not recognised??

Hiya guys ive got two drives in my pc one is a 320gig bootable (With the OS on) drive and the other is a 1tb storage drive, the pc boots up fine but the storage disc isnt anywhere on my pc i know its working cause its reading but i get this message on boot via Chkdisc :corrupt master file table i assume this is referring to the storage drive as there is nothing wrong with the bootable one and ive uninstalled the driver on the storage drive rebooted then as ive stated i get "corrupt master file table" anyone got any ideas or is there any software i can use please?

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  1. Hi Jinksy! Many thanks for your time and reply, i did forget one crucial thing as i was typing fast and that is that the drive isnt showing up on my computer.?
    best wishes
  2. I would check device manager then disk management, see what the computer is doing with your drive,
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