how many watts is this PC?

so my friend is thinking about buying this PC only problem is he wants to upgrade the graphics card and it doesnt show the power supply watts any way of finding this out im hoping its at least a 450W... thanks for your help in advanced
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  1. The power supplies shipped in a PC's like these are cheap and unreliable.
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    Those are sort of an exception to the type of stuff that is usually sold mass market. They are not the best, and you could probably do better building it yourself. However, if he wants to buy something off the shelf that one is probably better than a lot of what's out there for the price. my recommendation would be to buy it, and see what the PSU is as far as brand and wattage. If you can't deal with it, return it, but power supplies are not that expensive for a decent unit, and you can upgrade it relatively easily.
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