Weird Artifacting when i used firefox today

so i was using Abobe CS6 and Firefox, then my screen flash and weird artifacting started to happen it was working fine until then,i have an AMD HD 7750 GPU and an Acecer Monitor at 1368x1024,

again this didnt happen until today i replace GPU thermal and that wasnt the issue is running much cooler heres a pic of my problem any ideas?
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  1. I don't see anything wrong
  2. Ah then it must be my monitor then i can see it with the pic you can see it hmm,ok i think i got an idea on what it might be,it should be my cable i was tinkering with it and i minimized the artifact be showing to not visible
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    ok i found the real problem just few moments ago this cpu crashed there was little dust by the CPU/Heatsink but i checked it out and the thermal glue was shot because while i was in a game it fully crashed,PC would not boot up and my other fan would ramp up to loundest it could get,cleaned it out change paste working now

    now my temps are around 46c on all cores used to be 56c
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