PC Restart Problem

Yes my computer restarts when im playing games this is any games really annoying. Temps reach CPU max 50s GPU max 60's. Dont think its overheating. Have reinstalld windows and drivers about 4 times now so must be hardware.

Motherboard ASUS M5A78L
Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7870
Fan cooling
1 terabite Memory
Ram 8gb

Thats all I know of the top of my head. Please help its only new and pissing me of as I cant play games. Ran a Burn in test for 2 and a bit hours came up with no Errors except 3D and 2D test interrupted but they started again
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  1. what is the make/model and power rating of your power supply?
  2. If those are your temps (and those are good temps), then i would concur that it sounds like your power supply isn't able to provide enough power to everything at once. The burn in is probably CPU or GPU only, which probably get enough on their own, but you crank up both pretty well on high-end games, which is when PSU's are pushed the hardest. What kind of PSU do you have? (and more specific specs on the rest of your machine would be helpful)
  3. The Power supply is a 450w switching ZM450-GS ZALMAN
  4. If your computer just restarts without BSOD or any other warning signs (eg lockup) then I would say PSU is most likely faulty and/or probably pushed to its limits. 450w PSU is pretty weak these days w/ dedicated graphics etc.
  5. Ya getting somebody to come over tomorrow take a look and prove somethings up so I can claim on warranty
  6. your psu is a channelwell oem and is actually a 400W rated psu (misleading by Zalman, which says peak power is 450W, but can only supply 400W continously.
    I'd get a new psu if I were you.
  7. Will post results soon sent it back to the PC company to see what they can do hopefully a new PW
  8. Alright I just got a new 650w PSU and yet the problem still occurs I really need to get this fixed my next step is to send it to a Computer repair shop see if they know whats up ?
  9. Anybody ?
  10. Could it be my graphics card ?
  11. ?
  12. Can anybody help me in the middle of distress here
  13. Update took the CPU off the motherboard seems the company who put the PC together for me had hardly placed enough Thermal paste onto the PC unfortunately the problem still exists
  14. Update: added a case fan at the back for exhaust problem still exists what could it be ?
  15. Restarting during Minecraft and not GTA 4 ?
  16. Update almost 2 years later it was my RAM was the problem. Faulty RAM
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