EVGA GeForce GTX 760 Superclocked w/ EVGA ACX Cooler

I installed into my PC and its drivers. Is there anyway for me to test if it is working correctly?
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  1. Play a game, or do a benchmark like unigine valley or 3dmark. If scores or fps match up to common internet scores, then it is working correctly.

    good programs to monitor performance are gpu-z, fraps, and msi afterburner. Just make sure your card is running within it's quoted specs and you can then be sure you are doing fine.
  2. Downloading 3dmark demo now.
  3. as long as you are within 10% of what the internet says you should be for the graphics score, then you are doing just fine (make sure you are either overclocking your card, or not, in order to match what the scores are).
  4. try to find a benchmark from someone with the same gpu and cpu in order to best see if the results you are getting are correct
  5. I ran 3d mark and got this:
  6. Are those normal? Should I do more tests?
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    These are very normal results for this card :D i would just say start gaming and see if the games run well enough for your liking :)
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