Samsung 840 SSDs Raid 0 - Computer Crashing - 1 drive says error on startup?

I have 2 Samsung 840 500GB SSDs configured in a Raid 0 striped configuration to an Intel DX79SR mobo. When the computer boots, it first shows you the state of the drives, and for the 2nd drive in the raid 0 configuration, it says "ERROR".

It's weird, because the computer still functions for a while, then the computer crashes, and it has to restart, and check the disks. I was under the impression that in a Raid 0 configuration, if one drive failed, your whole raid fails - which means my computer shouldn't be able to boot?

I called Samsung and they are sending me a new HD. Is there a way to keep the data integrity of the current Raid 0 configuration, so when the new drive get's here, I can swap it out? Or is there a way to check the errors that the hard drive is throwing off, and possibly repair the broken drive?
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  1. for raid 0, you need to restore from backup or copy your data to some place else
  2. I would only suggest uses RAID on home workstations in the rarest conditions. You are better off making one of the drives your primary OS drive, and the second your data drive (for example). Since you click on programs (you don't need to know the drive or the folder they are installed in), and you can utilize Libraries (they set the locations for the files - you don't have to use them) - what is the advantage of having RAID 0?

    The only application I have found that requires a single folder installation is Windows Media Center - and only the recorded TV folder (it must be on a single drive, single folder).

    When you use RAID 0 - for two drives, you double the chances of failure, for three drives - it is triple the chances....for four - quadruple your chances for losing ALL OF YOUR DATA.

    And remember - RAID - even in mirror mode - is never a replacement for backups.....
  3. I have 4 drives...2 ssd 500gb that house all my programs and 2 1.5TB drives that store all my media...Raid 0 is the configuration I selected because of the improved performance it offers for gaming...
  4. jdlev - Good luck - your increase in performance comes with double the risk of total array failure. It's a balance of risk vs. performance....
  5. ronintexas said:
    jdlev - Good luck - your increase in performance comes with double the risk of total array failure. It's a balance of risk vs. performance....

    Ain't that the truth! A good lesson is never trust the manufacturer's performance numbers. I forget what I read, but it was something like the expected life of the drives was like 2,000,000 hours or something ridiculous like that.

    If I have to rebuild everything, you can bet your hind quarters I'll be doing a raid 1 config.
  6. raid 1 is mirror, that mean if you overwrite an important files, it will do the same on the mirror drive. back up is better solution.
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