CPU heat rising constantly after new thermal compound. Help?

First let me tell you my setup.

-Stock cooler
-Manhattan CPU Thermal Compound

Ok. So I was using the stock CPU cooler and the paste came pre-applied, it worked fine for 2 weeks then all of a sudden my temps doubled and hit all the way up to 100°C... Another time when the heat was spiking from 60°C-80°C I went to check my heatsink to see if it was even hot. It was pretty cool.

So I went out to my cruddy local office/PC shop and picked up some temporary thermal paste (waiting til payday to get some Noctua NT-H1) and applied it, After applying it the temps skyrocketed and for the first time my PC restarted due to heat I'm assuming, went into BIOS and yes my temp was constantly rising, I had turned it off at 80°C. I feel I may have used to much, about 90% of the surface area is covered but the heatsink is actually having heat transferred to it very well!

Am I using to much thermal paste or is the paste of very low quality???
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  1. Sounds like too much. Do you know the pea method?
  2. Yes, I had used like a 2 1/2 pea size by accident. This is my first built PC so I messed up my first application attempt lol. -_- I'll give a smaller amount a try and post my results.
  3. It's a mix of both actually, you only need a tiny amount of thermal paste it will spread it self over time. If its a no name brand of thermal paste then its probably not very effective aswell but using that much thermal paste creates insolation for the heat to build like that. Thermal compound is only meant to fill micro cracks on the surface of the heat sink to cpu nothing else so it really dosnt take much.
  4. Give this article a read. It is very informative regarding paste application and technique.

    Thermal Paste Comparison, Part One: Applying Grease And More:,3600.html

    There is a part two to the article that suggests that even toothpaste, when properly applied, isn't that bad..
  5. Yeah, just do the pea drop, grain of rice, etc. just don't spread it yourself. That creates air bubbles, which kills the point of thermal paste. That article is great.
  6. Ok so I reapplied with a grain of rice and It's not rising AS fast but still hitting above 74°C.
  7. The next step, if the temperatures still concern you, is to make sure there is good airflow through the case.
    Invest in some case fans to draw cool air in the front and exhaust hot air out the back.
  8. Yeah, most people don't bother with case fans because they have a good cooler. That is a bad idea. Coolers don't reduce the temperatures around them, they use the air in the tower, so if that air is stagnant, it will only continue to heat up.
  9. Yeah I was planning on ordering some on at the end of the month. I'm a little P'd now that I was better off before >:( oh well.
  10. The one with less paste was better I mean. That was your original? That sucks... These are some of the best case fans out there, they're really quiet for a non-silent fan, only 25db, most I see are 30, and they have a ton of airflow, no LEDs or anything, so they're really simple, and the cost goes straight to performance. These are a bit louder, but have LEDs and slightly more airflow, and you can actually slow them down with an adapter to make them quiet (I wouldn't recommend it).
  11. Better off with the stock pre-applied thermal paste*. I'm thinking maybe this stuff need burning in, so I'm ganna do that for the next while. I'll post the results.
  12. About the thing I said before, that was the wrong thread... You didn't send pictures of the paste haha. Just reapply, let it settle, and you should be okay. 74c isn't too bad, better than 100.
  13. Ya but coming from spiking to 84°C after opening Chrome, my computer can't even start the OS anymore.
  14. -Watching temp in BIOS, it ran up to 92C
    -Booted OS, watched temp run down to 55C

    I'm lost.
  15. Best answer
    Some Bioses put it under full load. New fans should help immensely.
  16. Thanks for your all your help everyone, I got the idle to go as low a 45 as long as nothing is happening. Still getting 60°C while surfing net but I do believe fans will help.
  17. Figured out why my CPU has been having heat problems! Had PC on 'High Performance' mode and I believe that keeps the turbo boost mode on permanently! OMG >,<
  18. That'll do it. If you get new fans, though, you CAN keep it like that.
  19. Yup, figured, getting 3 new 120mm fans in a couple weeks.
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