i5 2500k 4.5ghz oc, bottlenecking my r9 290?

As the title says. I have just bought a r9 290 and i have a i5 2500k 4.5ghz oc is the cpu possibly bottlenecking my gpu? Because when i play bf4 on ultra i get fps between 35 at worst and 77 at best..
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  1. Have you monitored your CPU usage through the task manager while playing BF4?
  2. What are your CPU and GPU temps? Are you in single player or multiplayer? The CPU should be fine
  3. yeah without knowing the cpu usage its impossible to tell whether its a cpu bottleneck or if its a software issue
  4. Even if it was the CPU bottlenecking you... You really have no meaningful upgrade path that would give you enough performance to make any difference. That CPU is still pretty much top tier for gaming. Might be a software issue.
  5. I would be looking at the 290 for problems, not your i5...
  6. It's pretty hard to get an intel CPU to bottleneck a GPU as long as you don't horridly mismatch them.

    For example, look at this recent review:


    My money is on a GPU problem. What temps is it running on?
  7. My temps are fine cpu doesn't go over 60 even and the cpu usage is only at 76% And the induvidual cores are laying atound the same number (none of them are working at 100% constantly) i put the fan speed at 50% when i play and it keeps my gpu at arpund 75-80c
  8. there is no way your cpu is bottle necking a 290 even if it was at stock speeds. I do bealive your bf frame rate is quite good. You should run 3dmark vantage or passmark gpu test if you are worried and post them. Will give a clearer picture if there is a problem
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