i5 3570k & ASUS P8Z77V-LK: How to Overclock?

Hi I have an 3570k and P8Z77v-LK mobo from ASUS and I want to overclock my CPU to 4.2 Ghz I have the Hyper212 Evo cpu cooler. Can anyone give me the proccess of overclocking and tips when doing it? Also, can anyone explain how volts works as well and a range i should stay within? As well as porograms to use to show my CPU is stable for a 24hr OC. Sorry for so many questions, just curious and I want to know what to watch out for and get the best performance of my CPU :)
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  1. Initially can generally just set the CPU multiplier to 40 and go from there, try googling on 3570K OC GUIDE and should find a number or videos and written guides that will get you started :)
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