Issue with Mother board or Graphics card?

Hi my son built his first computer using the following. What is happening once the game starts up it states graphics card not compatable with games?
We go to down load the updated drivers for the graphics card it crashs the system. So we then have to restore to a prior day to bring it back up. It runs great but no games.
Not sure what to do at this point?
Video Card - XFX Radeon R9 270X 2GB
Mother board - XFX Radeon R9 270X 2GB
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    Are you using 32 or 64 bit operating system?

    I'll post a link to the correct drivers.
    Did you install the motherboard chipset drivers?
  2. It is 64 bit windows 7 ultimate.
    Did install the CD that came with the MB, sorry I really dont know more. This was my son I am just trying to help.
  3. Also here was the MB used I seemed to have copied the3 GPU twice.
    ASRock Z87 Pro3 ATX LGA1150
  4. These are the drivers you are meant to use with that operating system and graphics card.

    If they don't install please post back and i will try to get more information from you and diagnose the problem
  5. Thanks we did go to XFX and pull the drivers but that is when the system crashs when it comes back up?
    If I can get them installed I am sure that will fix the issue.
    Are these differant then the drivers from XFX?
    Thanks again.
  6. These might be newer drivers than the XFX drivers as these are direct from the chip manufacturers website.
    let me know if it fixes the issue:)
  7. Wel we got the drivers loaded but now we get an "Out of Range" on the monitor it runs at 60mhz and can not find anything in the control panel to set thison the GPU. It looks like it is putting out 74?
    So now we can not tell if the drivers are working, when we restore to last Drivers 13.4 ver we get graphic card not supported by any game we try to run?
    Any ideas?
    Thanks Mike
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