Which gaming pc build should I choose?

So I've been reading around on different places, and found that for my money and needs these builds suit me the best:

Which one of these should I choose? Which one is the strongest gaming PC?
All help and advices are appreciated!

Also, I would need advice on a good 120 x 120 x 25 mm case fan, that is not too expensive.

Oh and also, please don't change the builds unless there are obvious changes (i.e. motherboards, which I really didn't get any good advice about) or the PSU is too weak.
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  1. Slight error in the lists: they are all supposed to be Windows 8.1
  2. Two of the lists are private
  3. Oh sorry, let me change that xP
  4. It should work now
  5. The 1st link does not have a motherboard included in it
  6. Go for either of the Athlon builds but get an AMD R9 270 instead of the 660 if your budget can accommodate it, for example
  7. MDXX said:
    The 1st link does not have a motherboard included in it

    It does at the bottom, under "custom".
  8. The motherboard I wanted for the first build was out of stock, so I added it Asa. Custom part.
  9. So either this one:

    Or this one:

    Is there any big difference, or do I just go with the cheaper one?
  10. Best answer
    Just go with the cheaper one
  11. Ok, nice thanks man! And how about the fan?
    I have a few of these and they move alot of air and are cheap and reasonably quiet
  13. Ok, thanks a lot for the help :D
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