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Computer wont boot after extending partition

Last response: in Windows XP
January 14, 2014 1:58:42 PM


Firstly, I stuffed up! My wife's laptop is an old Sony VGN-TX2HP running XP. It was originally split into a 40GB (C:)  and 37GB (D:)  partition and I think there was a small "system" partition. The C drive was filling up so I deleted the D: partition and now the computer won't work.

I can access the Bios set-up utility.

I desperately need to recover the laptop (without a recovery disk) and get the files off the laptop.

Can anyone help a man in a desperate place?!

a b D Laptop
January 14, 2014 3:07:01 PM


You are going to need a bootable recovery CD / DVD (not sure if usb bootable device supported)

What was on the D: partition and what size was it before it was deleted ?

Did you stop at removing the D: partition?
or did you go on to expand the C: partition into the free space used by D:
Makes things much more complicated (beyond many users abilities)

what tools did you use ?( disk management ? )

A Linux Live CD image such as Parted Magic cost $4.95 (USD ) for downloading and then you burn ISO to CD using ImgBurn (free, reliable & easy to use)

providing the C: partition is not changed (expanded) or damaged then you can browse to the files on C: and copy them off to a USB disk

Once that is done TestDisk can restore the D: Partition and GParted resize the C: & D: partitions.

PhotoRec does a good job of recovering files provided disk not physically damaged
from but already on Parted Magic Linux CD image

BUT if the data on the drive is valuable get an expert to do it for you.


Mike Barnes
January 14, 2014 3:22:59 PM


I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. I used Partition Magic to delete the D: partition and extend C - applied, rebooted as per instructions and boom... I had already removed my personal files from the D: portion of the drive so there was nothing I needed on there.

I can get to the Bios and I've just discovered Pressing f10 gets me to the recovery process. I don't want to use it though as a) its the nuclear option b) i need to get my documents off the computer and c) its going to be a painstaking reinstall...

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a b D Laptop
January 15, 2014 1:08:28 PM


You did not give the error messages received when you tried to boot up
They may give a clue as to what is broken
Is it a boot manager problem or MBR problem or a corrupted C: partition

A Linux live CD such as Parted Magic will help to resue the files if the partition C: is not corrupted

A borrowed Windows XP CD may be able to fix the MBR and similar problems after recovering important files
tutorial below

My netbook has a recovery partition which has a Vista based recovery system which starts up first then hands over to XP on the next partition.

If your Sony has something similar Partition Magic does not understand the Vista & 7 or 8 boot Managers and may corrupt things


Mike Barnes

Best solution

January 15, 2014 5:30:44 PM

I have removed hard drives from laptops and used a USB drive adapter to copy the drive contents of files you need to copy to another computer. You can purchase these cheaply on the internet for less than $25. Then reinstall the hard drive and reformat and install windows. You get a fresh install of windows and recover space at the same time. Sometimes quicker than trying to repair the ability to boot into C partition.