Installed video card but having issues need help

alright i just installed a new video card in my comp, the video card is a Radeon HD 7770, when i plugged in, its getting this wierd display were the green in everything is more out there and everythign is kind worped, i can still c everything but its wierd, and also there is horizontal lines going across the screen, im not sure whats going on but i did install the drivers from the website , and i think i did this right, just need some help to figure out this problem
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    I would unplug the video cable and check the pins.

    are u saying the hdmi cord in the back or the actually video card inside the comp?
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    Sometimes when you get a green display the solution is as simple as checking your cables [dvi, vga, whatever]. Push them in firmly.
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