PC making high pitched whining sound

Hello guys, 4 days ago I had a power outage where the electricity came back in a second and then off again in another second. Then 2 days ago, same thing happened. Now my PC makes a high pitched whining sound. When I shut down the pc, it makes the pitch go in a song like pattern, like it's making a song with the whining where the pitch goes up and down. Does anybody know what component to replace?

I have a
motherboard: Asus H87 plus
PSU: Seasonic 850 watt
GPU: Gigabyte 660
CPU: i5 4570
Case: Haf 922

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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  1. It sounds like possible coil whine from the PSU. Do you have another working PSU you can use to test with?
  2. only 2 components can have coil whine:
    1) GPU
    2) PSU

    from what you described, im leaning towards the psu.
  3. Thanks guys, I'll remove the gpu first to see if that fixes the problem. @shortstuff, no sadly, I don't have another PSU to try.

    Also forgot to mention the high pitched sound occurs from start up and just keeps going, I have to turn off the back switch to make it stop
  4. yeah, really sounds like the psu

    the gpu tends to only do it under heavy 3d load
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    The PSU probably took a massive voltage spike during one of your power outage/back on cycles. The system is pretty new, so I would start the RMA process for your PSU.
  6. The PSU I've had for around 3 years, since it was fine I carried it over into the new build
  7. What is the model number of the PSU? It may still be under warranty. Seasonic warranties last up to 5 years depending on the model.
  8. @shortstuff, I'm in the process of RMAing it, thanks. I'm curious, why does it seem to make a song as it shuts off? Is something melting?
  9. it is just the wattage demands increasing and decreasing
  10. Whoops, it's the S12D 850. Do I pay for the shipping to RMA?
  11. dtraven said:
    Whoops, it's the S12D 850. Do I pay for the shipping to RMA?

    Yes, it looks like you have to pay for the shipping for the RMA according to the wording on their website.
  12. Thanks for the help, I'm shipping it tomorrow for RMA
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