Will my CPU bottleneck a 800 series GPU?

Hey, I have a i5 3570k @ 4.2 GHz, I was thinking about getting a 880 when it comes out. Can anyone give me a good estimation on whether or not my CPU will be up to par, or should I upgrade to i7 3770k?
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  1. the cpu will be fine for it

    upgrading to an i7 would not help at all
  2. Yeah that CPU will handle any gpu outside of crazy sli/fire setups
  3. I know that the i5 4000 series chip ran games slighty better if I'm right. So maybe intel and AMD will be putting out new CPUs for the new GPUs coming out.
  4. Clock for clock, the 4000 series are a little tiny bit faster. It does not really matter in the grand scheme of things, especially not if you already have a 3xxx. And since yours is a "K", you can always just clock it higher.
  5. honestly, everything since sandybridge has had very similar performance when you take overclocking into account
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    1) Your CPU will be just fine, don't worry. A sandy bridge CPU that's overclocked should still be fine, even.

    2) Upgrading to a 3770k would do absolutely NOTHING. For gaming, the i7 does absolutely nothing better than an i5 - the only difference is a tiny bit of L3 cashe and hyperthreading, which has nothing to do with gaming unless the game is very poorly coded.
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