Which to upgrade mobo or cpu cooler for overclocking?

I have a m5a97 r2.0 mobo and hyper evo 212 cooler. Im choosing which to upgrade first to get better oc. right now i can only push up to 4ghz cuz its getting at 62c. I'm choosing which to get first. h100i or the 990fx mobo?
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  1. id say the mobo, its quite a cheap one and another may yield better temperatures, the cooler you have is a budget one but should be acceptable to use, did you apply your thermal paste correctly?
  2. How about I upgrade to a h100i or thermaltake 3.0 liquid cooler? and put my two extra 120m case fans at the front to get better cooling? Would that be better? I think it's a hassle changing mobo. haha. your answers would really help me
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    As long as your can overclock on the current motherboard you have, I would say get a H100i. I've used that on my FX-8320 and OC to 4.5GHz my temps were around 50 C load and around 32 C idle. I've got an i7-4770k and my idle temps are around 34 C and my load temps are around 55-60 C.
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