Does DIMM RAM work in an SDRAM slot?

I have this motherboard:
and I need to purchase RAM for it. I need the cheapest solution possible, it could even be 512mb.
I can't find cheap SDRAM though, as it needs SDRAM. Would DIMM RAM work in it?

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    DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module) is a form factor for memory sticks. Basically, a DIMM is a memory stick with contacts on both sides of it. Most memory since the early '90s have been DIMM modules.

    Your motherboard actually requires DDR3 SDRAM. Doing a search for SDRAM will bring up memory that hasn't been available new for at least a decade.

  2. cklaubur nailed it. SDRAM is simply a type of memory, DDR3-SDRAM is the most common type of primary memory found in most devices. DIMMs are the formfactor that SDRAM use to make them modular and expandible rather than soldering them directly to the motherboard.
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