4770k vs 4820k for gaming and editing?

I'm looking to make a big step up from my current Phenom 965, so I decided to head directly to a modern i7. My application for the CPU will be gaming and video/photo editing as well as general computer uses. The fact that this computer will also be used for tame applications instead of 24/7 heavy duty ones tells me that the lower power consumer, the 4770k, will be the better option. The 4820k's power consumption is exponentially larger than the 4770k's (approx. 68 watts vs 130)
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  1. The i7-4770k will be cheaper for the same thing for your uses. The i7-4820k uses LGA2011, an enthusiast platform where motherboard's cost starts at considerably more than even the highest end Z87 motherboards do.

    Unless you need the extra PCI-E lanes, the Z87 (LGA 1150) with a 4770K will suffice.
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    The cpu's are similarly priced.
    The 4770K is haswell which has slightly better power per clock.
    lga 2011 X79 motherboards will be more expensive.
    If you are looking at > 32gb for your apps, then the Z79 might be the way to go.
  3. I was faced with the same question on my newest build. I decided to go 4820k for two reasons. First, according to Newegg's reviews, the 1150 motherboards have far more unhappy buyers than the 2011 motherboards. I really don't care to be sending motherboards back or having to do another build in two years because mine died out of warranty (Think ASUS P8P67PRO). Second, when I do get a few extra dollars to spend again, I know I can upgrade to a 6 core cpu.
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