System Lag with 2 Different AMD Cards

Hi I have a Sapphire r9 290x in my system and just recently added a Sapphire 6850. This is temporary for scrypt-coin mining until my rig is finished. My problem is that once I installed the 6850 i have had problems with the system. The boot up is incredibly long now and it sits on windows (7) for a while before i am actually able to use the system. It detects both cards and i am currently reinstalling the drivers. I noticed my PSU fan will just start sometimes without me doing anything using graphics. The mining goes fine but i tried to open Battlefield 4 and several other games and they just sat at the Loading screens for tens of minutes. I had no problems before installing the 6850 (besides the stupid 290x problems but thats another story). Even getting to this page to post this thread took forever because of the lag and slowness of the computer. Is it my hard drive? PSU?

AMD 8150 CPU
Sapphire R9 290x, Sapphire 6850 (both stock clocks)
PSU 700W corsair gaming
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  1. I just checked CPU usage is way high the install on the graphics driver would not progress.
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    I'd say it's the add on GPU, consuming to much in resources, take two cards and pop them in in SLI or XFire, they act as one, running separate cards each requires CPU clock cycles, DRAM and more, that and you have an older chipset, again not made for running separate GPUs (not that any really are....
  3. Ok i guess i will remove the 290x once i finish my rig and put my two 6850 in xfire then
  4. Let us know how it goes
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