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  1. Yes they are compatible, but you might need a bois update on the motherboard. Or you can buy a Ivy Bridge board, z77 or h87, something like this
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    If you use, you can get the cheapest price out of many sites and it shows compatibility with components except for size in the case. The Ivy bridge cpu and the mobo may be incompatible until the mobo gets a bios update.

    No hdd or ssd? No optical drive? No OS, monitor, mouse, keyboard?

    If you work with me a bit here and give me some more specs and numbers (budget) I could probably get you more bang for your buck anyhow. <--- There she is.

    Plus, you might as well use a i5-3570k so you can OC with that nice cpu cooler too.

    Here is a build I did for you, $100 more then what you had and a less flashy case but the parts are better. A Rosewill Blackhawk is also a good choice. (your case wasn't usb 3.0 (6x faster then usb 2.0)).

    I included a HDD and an optical drive as well (didn't know what you have already) (+$80)

    A flashy case with above build <---- (+$100)
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