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I have a Asus Rampage 111 MB and just installed two WD Green 3 tb hard disks. When copying movies from one disk to the transfer speed is 102 mb/s. The motherboard is 6 gb/s and so are the hard disks. Is this the speed I should expect or have I set them up wrong.
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    The 6gb/s on the motherboard basically means that it can transfer UP to 6gb/s and that is within the motherboard it's self. The WD green drives themselves can only transfer so much information at a certain speed which is what you're getting. Don't worry, you are seeing accurate transfer speed results. WD Green is at the lowest tier in performance compared to WD Blue and Black.
  2. That's actually pretty good for green drives. Enjoy it while it lasts. Once the disks are almost full you will see speeds like 60 MB/s. That's normal too...
  3. Ok thanks guys
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