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how to remove the 'this copy of windows is not genuine' message?

Right now,I am not using a genuine version of windows. I tried to remove this message saying 'this copy of windows is not genuine' by using the command 'slmgr -rearm'....But that message again came to my desktop after 30 days. So is there any method to permanently remove this annoying message
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    Buy a genuine copy of Windows. That's a sure fire way of removing that message. That's what you get for pirating a copy of Windows sadly and not being careful.
  2. Purchase and activate a genuine copy of Windows.

    Tom's hardware does not support software piracy in any form.

    -Wolf sends
  3. yeah you buy it... any other way is illegal and we cant discuss it on here...
  4. wrong forum. toms doesnt answer questions regarding piracy. it is in the rules.
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