Computer Insta-restarts on game maps load

Not sure how this is done but I have a serious problem occuring.
I recently got a new motherboard, CPU, and 2 new ram chips in. I ran into the problem where Windows 7 didn't want to start so we got Windows 8.1 (I used 64bit.) When I got a Call of Duty World at War installed I tried to play it and the second it loaded Semper Fi (First mission) my computer restarted, it was like holding the power button for a hard stop then instantly hitting the button again after it shutoff. I thought it was a problem with compability with that game till I tried to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and when I loaded a map it did the same thing (when I opened my locker to view some new items it happend aswell from loading the items models, textures, and small map)
I've tried the program prime95 and when I open it it restarted on me, I've tried furmark and tried to run a benchmark but it did it again)
My Computer Components:
GPU: EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 660
CPU AMD FX-8320 3.5 GHz 8 core
Motherboard: M5A99X EVO
Memory: Kingston DDR3 4 GB Ram chips x2
Hard Drive: 465 GB HDD with Sata 3.0 and I believe 7200 RPM
A Disk Drive (Don't know much)

My OS: Windows 8.1 (updated, installed on 1/11/14)

other info, as said in this discussion
the person reinstalled Windows 7 and disabled updates and he said it worked for him.
I have Windows 8.1 meaning I'm probably past this update and it's causing me problems
In event viewer I get critical error ID 41 like the above linked topic. If more information is needed I will try to give it
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  1. what psu?
  2. I can't after I posted this I decided to ask some trustworthy friends, they told me my power supply was subpar because it was from iBuyPower, my friend told me it was probably 480 watts, also it's around 3 years old.
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    yep, most likely culprit
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