Choosing the right monitor help!

Hey, I recently bought the ASUS VS229H for my new build. I'm looking for a similar sized monitor:

Preferably one with

a better refresh rate
response time.

Thanks in advance

UPDATE: Forgot to mention this is for gaming! So any type of panel will do...
This current monitor has 60hz, 1080p and 5ms, also it's an IPS.

Appreciate any help.
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  1. Depending on your pc's specs I would go for a 1440p monitor. They just look so much nicer than 1080p. But if you don't have such a beast pc I would get a 120hz monitor from Benq; it's the best for 1080p gaming.
  2. remember to list budget for these types of things plz
  3. I'm from Australia and don't presume you are, so the prices are different :)
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