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Hey guys, first time posting here. Right now I'm running a Core i5-2320 @3.0 ghz paired up with a MSI Geforce 560 GTX 2GB OC. I mostly play CS GO and Starcraft 2 and am seeing some noticeable FPS drops during large battles. I just ordered a new ASUS 144hz monitor so Im trying to stay above 60FPS in sc2 and above 150FPS in cs go to get the most out of my new monitor.. What should I upgrade first CPU or GPU, i'm looking to stay under $250.00 on both pieces
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  1. for cpu, go up to the i5-2500k, OR i7 2600k if you can find one at a good price

    for gpu, the 760 is the best one you can afford for your budget, though if you can find a 280x for you budget, that will be a better performing card
  2. You may have trouble finding a cpu upgrade however, as your cpu is already 2 generations behind (so will require a motherboard upgrade to go with a newer cpu)

    if you are looking to upgrade to newer gen, i would suggest the 1155 i5-3570k, or the even newer 1150 i5-4670k
  3. THanks for the quick responses, I do have a LGA 1155 socket, could I upgrade to something like a 3770k? also I was shopping around for a r9 280x, can't find anything under 300.00, was leaning towards the 760 gtx
  4. if you found a 280x for under $300 jump on that bastard unless you can find a gtx 770 for cheaper.

    as far as the cpu you have sandy bridge gen, while the 3xxx series is ivy bridge. i'll have to google if they are socket compatible, but yes, the 3770k would be beast, but is over $300 to my knowledge
  5. survey says yes, socket is compatible, so the literal best cpu you could buy is the 3770k, but the 3570k is just fine as well if the 3770k is too expensive
  6. Thanks Brantyn! I think im going to go with the 3570K, and would boost my FPS more for SC2, GPU or CPU?
  7. gpu. the 3570k does not bottleneck any game or card currently on the market, especially since you can overclock it quite easily to 4.0 and not suffer from high temps too much
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    Sorry Brantyn but that is not exactly true. There are some games that are VERY CPU intensive, Starcraft 2 being one of them. It is the game I play the most and I can tell you that from experience. I think it also has some coding problems that add to the problem but in any case the CPU is much more important. The GTX 760 that I have can easily max it out and have no performance issues at all in 1v1 with my 4570 (non-K). However, in 3v3s and 4v4s, with maxed armies, I get terrible FPS drops during battles. By adjusting the CPU dependent settings I have been able to greatly alleviate the problem. So, OP, I can't speak about GSGO as I have not played it (just regular CS:S where I was getting over 120 fps with the laptop I had before building a desktop). However, about Starcraft 2:
    If you want to play it with maxed settings and a lot of FPS you should invest more heavily in a CPU than in a GPU. The problem, however, is that the game does not utilize more than 2 cores all that well. 2 of the 4 cores of my 4570 remain under 50% even during the most intense 4v4 battles where I get FPS drops. The game simply does not know what to do with them. That is why if Starcraft 2 is important for you you might want to consider upgrading your motherboard and getting a 4670K which to then overclock. Definitely the more economic option (because you already have a compatible motherboard) is getting a 3570K and the performance will not be that different. By the way, what is your motherboard? If it is no good for overclocking I think the 3570K is not a good choice. If you don't overclock it there is no point in buying it. If you are going to overclock you are going to need a CPU cooler as well, something like the Noctua D14 if you are going with the 3570K.
    Sorry for the rambling. In short:
    If you intend to overclock AND your current motherboard is good for overclocking, the best option is a 3570K.
    If you intend to overclock BUT your current motherboard is no good for overclocking, best go with a 4670K and a suitable motherboard, say an ASROCK Extreme 4 (or whatever is good value in your area).
    In both cases you are going to need a good aftermarket CPU cooler.
    Furthermore, if you only play 1v1 in Starcraft 2 the 3570K is more than enough. Hell, you could get away with a cheaper one even, like a 3340.
    For a GPU, the GTX 760 is probably the best at the moment. It will be more than enough for both these games. I'd say even a 280x is enough but they are not cheaper enough in my area to warrant buying them instead.
  9. I have an a63500 apu ,gt420 and 4 gb of ddr3 ram..can i run cs global offensive in average settings?
  10. Just gonna say you may have something wrong with yours, as i have the 3570k @ 4.5 currently, and even when being zerged in a 4v4 i never drop below 60 fps. Mind you i am using a 780, but in cpu intensive games like sc2 or gta4 (yeah purely due to poor optimization) the 3570k is a powerhouse that is often underestimated. Also haswell was a slight let-down in terms of performance jump.

    since you would also require a new motherboard for anything 4xxx series, i would advise against looking for haswell. Even with a $20 aftermarket cooler on the 3570k you can get away with a stable and comfrotably cool 4.2ghz if you don't feel like going any higher but do want a performance boost. You don't even need a good motherboard for overclocking if you are just doing a slight overclock. And slight overclocking is relatively easy and safe if you follow a guide and don't mess with numbers you arent supposed to
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