MSI GTX 760 OC Dell XPS8700

I just bought this new pc and decided the graphics card needed to be beefed up. I just want to know if the corsair cx 500w psu will do? 500 is sufficient but would i benifit from a 600?

Dell XPS8700

Intel 4770 (3.9)
24gig ddr3
Corsair cx 500w
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  1. Well first off, wow to your cpu for the gpu you are using :P but othewise yes, the 500watt power supply will be just fine for anything you could be doing on this computer setup :)
  2. you would only benefit from a higher wattage psu in your head as far as feeling little safer for power consumption. that's about it
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    If you really must get a new psu though, i would suggest a much higher quality 500 watt rather than trying to go up in wattage, as a higher quality psu is more efficient, and usually has less power ripply (techy talk for no power hiccups under load, although it's generally un-noticable outside of testing)
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