Questions about video card replacement and cpu bottlenecks

hey Tom's hardware!

I want to temporary replace my ati 5870 video card with a gtx 780 until i can sell off my old computer setup, (with the 5870, not the gtx 780!). Here is the specs of the rig here:

The reason why i want to do this is i wanted to know if i can get an amazing FPS boost without causing any problems.

First off,
I was wondering if my PSU can handle a few more watts of power without frying itself or any the parts inside. My PSU is the Antec earthwatt 750watts. I also i wanted to know if my cpu will cause some a major bottleneck on most games since my Cpu is few generations behind.


P.S if its possible can i get an opinion on how much the old computer will be sold for? the Case is a coolermaster ATCS 840. No monitor. (All good if you don't want to)
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  1. That would be a massive bottleneck. You could probably sell that for $75. You will get an FPS boost, but not much because of that CPU. That PSU should run the 780, considering the rest of your parts are fairly weak. You would be best off getting a 770 and using that money for a whole build, because one that will keep up with the 780 will cost about $500.
  2. Sell what for 75? the cpu? I am trying to sell the whole build atm (just haven't figured out a good price for it) and prefer not to sell it unless i am sure the other parts will sell. Plus i can't return the 780 gtx as it was a gift from my uncle that he got for free. To make it very clear i just can't return the video card to a store or something
  3. Whole build for $75. Not the 780. It is an older, used build, with very slow parts.
  4. Just do some trolling on eBay for prices.... I'd imagine you could find a buyer in $200--$300 range. (hey I've got a pair of top-of-the-line 5870's, $450 each new, I couldn't get an offer over $75ea...............)
  5. Thanks but no thanks... I managed to find a good deal to sell the setup for 700 dollars and got some more valuable feedback from one of the PC sections on reddit for all the questions. While i do thank you guys for the time to answer some of my concerns, i didn't feel like the feedback was serious and thoughtful. I decided that no one will get a solution picked. Sorry.... Maybe next time

  6. why is your motherboard and cpu so hot?!
  7. Because the cpu thought that it was so pro that it wanted to run without a cooler

    Just kidding, speccy is acting up for some reason. The Temperatures are fine (cpu is running at 60 and motherboard around 50) [picture taken when the computer was idle]
  8. yeah noticed that too, those temps are way high. Motherboard at 81C?

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