I need some questions answered about stress testing. Could I get some help please?

So I have built my first gaming computer and I need to stress test it. I had a few questions I was hoping to get some answers on. I did some research and the programs I intended to run were as follows: real temp 3.70 for monitoring the system, prime 95 for the cpu, memtest 86+ for the ram, and furmark for the gpu.

I have the asus maximus vi hero motherboard and I was wondering if it had a safety shutdown function if the cpu became too hot. I looked around in the bios, but it is a bit confusing to navigate and I just want to make sure. It would ease my mind if I run it for 24 hours like I'm told you should. As for memtest I know you have to boot your pc off it. Is it possible to run memtest and prime95 at the same time to speed up the the time it will take me to test this? Or is that a bad idea? Should I also run memtest86+ for 24 hours as well? With furmark is there an actual torture test setting or do you use a benchmark feature? How long should I run furmark before I should count it as good to go and what indicators will there be for me if something goes wrong. Would it just crash?

Are there any other programs that you would recommend instead of these or something I forgot that should be tested. Thank you for your help. Sorry for the wall of text xD.
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    for the mar bott with the cd in memtest and run it overnight.
    for gpu furmark has a preset that will run for 20 minutes or so.
    for the cpu run prime 95 set it for maximum heat the option when you open the program and you wont need to run it for more than 30 10 munutes you should get the maximum teperature.
    if the temps are under 80 it if fine on a 100 % load.
    check your cpu manufacture for operating temperature.
    note because prime stress tests your cpu more that it whould in real time and temperatures vary if you see 2-4 0c more dont worry.temps with stock heatsink.
  2. Dont bother with a stress test

    They achieve nothing

    but if you insist on running one then problems will be appear
    in a few minutes . 24 hours is nuts
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