can I sli 2gtx 570 in maximus 6 hero

Hi i want to Sli 2 gtx 570 in maximus 6 hero well the problem is I dont know how to do it help me do I need any equipment to combine those 2 gfx card. Here my system specs.

Maximus 6 hero
4 x 8 gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz ram
Gtx 570 x 2
Sata hdd 2x2 tb
Ssd samsung pro 128gb
Power supply 1000 watts gold
Water cooler h110
Core i7 4770k
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    Your motherboard is compatible with sli, you will use the two red pcie slots. You will also need an sli bridge, Just put a card in each slot and connect them with the sli bridge at the finger at the top of the card
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