SimpleTech 1TB Hard Drive Beeps & Clicks

I dropped it once but it was still working. Then soon after it got unplugged. When I tried plugging it back in to use it, it started up but started beeping every second then it would just start clicking a lot but won't show up on my computer. Help please
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  1. Since it was dropped there is a chance that it could be mechanically damaged. If it is making a clicking noise then that is most likely the problem and fixing it usually isn't worth the expense unless there are files on it you can't live without.
  2. Is there any way to recover the files otherwise?
  3. Arkin said:
    Is there any way to recover the files otherwise?

    Have it sent off to a company that specializes in file recovery although be prepared to pay a pretty penny.
  4. Ugh, not cool. Doesn't help that I'm living in Paris at the moment either. Oh well, thanks for the help.

    If anyone else has any advice for me, I'll leave the forum open just incase! Hopefully thinking haha
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