How much is my pc worth?

Im thinking of selling my pc, without operating system, Would i get over $1000 in Aus?

AMD FX-6300
Asrock 990fx Extreme3
16GB Memory 2x8GB
Saphire HD 7870 XT 2GB GDDR5 With Boost
Thermaltake Water2.0 Peformer
Aerocool CFI 700W 80+ Silver PSU
Aerocool Strike-X Panel Fan/Heat Controller
Aerocool Strike-X Advanced white case
Aerocool Strike-X X-PAD Gaming mouse Pad
300MBPS Network Card
Toshiba 2000Gb HDD
Kingston 60GB SSD
Tt esports challanger Led Keyboard
X-XM398 6 Button Led Gaming Mouse

Also never overclocked c: Thanks
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    I wouldn't pay over a $1000, considering I am fully aware of all the boxing day sales that occurred. I would say, someone with absolutely no idea of computers would probably be willing to fork $1000 flat because there is no OS. That is, if it's new and unused.
  2. Nope, depends on what you paid for it and the depreciation rate. I created a tutorial that explains how to do this:
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