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Hey guys, i have a problem with my computer, from time to time at random for example i am sitting on google chrome and just browsing when it suddenly stops working, i cant press any buttons but my mouse is moving fine, i go to skype then to check if its only google chrome and skype also freezes i can click on anything and all the computer processes just stop all of a sudden, and after a while it all starts to work at the same time just suddenly. I checked and my cpu usage at that time is like 10%. :/ Any ideas?
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  1. how much ram are you using?
  2. 8gb ram
  3. try using a cleaner like cc and purge all internet temp files, cookies, history....and see what must do it from time to time!
  4. its a new pc, i format it like 2 weeks ago so i dont think thats the problem :/
  5. computer1337 said:
    8gb ram

    Basic things u should do is to update your bios rev., run memtest, check your hdd for errors in check disk.
  6. i noticed that it starts lagging when i play some stuff on youtube sometimes, like when i start to play a video it just freezes my pc, any thoughts on that?
  7. Maybe you are full at your cache memory. In browser, go to:
    Mozilla Firefox:
    → History → Clear Recent History
    Time range to clear: → Everything
    ▼ Details
    [x] Browsing & Download History
    [x] Saved Form and Search History
    [x] Cookies
    [x] Cache

    Google Chrome:
    → Tools (wrench) → Clear browsing data...
    [x] Clear browsing history
    [x] Clear download history
    [x] Empty the cache
    [x] Delete cookies
    Clear data from this period: → Everything
    → Clear Browsing Data

    Exit the browser and re-open it.

    Another thing you may want to consider is turning
    off your anti-virus -- but only momentarily. As long
    as you remain on YouTube (and don't scamper off
    to other websites), you will be okay, because you
    cannot get a virus from YouTube. :D
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