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So I've did as much research as I could for a newbie like myself and was hoping people could reassure me of what I'm hoping to buy. I'm a gamer mostly and would rather prioritize me needs on that, instead of anything else. I'm running an old i3 530 cpu with a stock gateway kit. I wanted to know if purchasing these would be a wise investment, since my first gen cpu is bottlenecking my new 760 gtx GPU card:



Also, if these are the best bang for my buck and/or wise products I should be buying, what ram should I buy aswell? I realize that I will need to format my HD, but I have a few spare HD's with a dock so I backed up my stuff already.

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  1. What kind of ram would I need?
  2. Yep, go with this

    Haswell is faster than Ivy Bridge and also don't underestimate the new technology it has. It will only getting more faster than Ivy Bridge once those technologies will be used.
  3. Snyper18 said:
    What kind of ram would I need?

    You don't have your old ram sticks?

    If not, go with this:
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    Snyper18 said:
    What kind of ram would I need?

    2x4 GB 1.5V 1600MHz DDR3 240 pin CAS 9
  5. Wicked. I hope this will fit in my old tower. If not I can get the rest from MicroBytes (my favorite pc store). Thanks for the prompt help guys.
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