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A few days ago I reinstalled windows and did an all out clean install, everything worked fine for days but last night I woke up and the backlight of my mouse and keyboard didn't come on so I rebooted my computer but now it is running very slow.

It boots normal, but the time it takes to perform any action takes anywhere from 10 minutes up to never even finishing it. I am unsure what the problem could be as it worked perfectly fine for days and I haven't downloaded anything other than a few drivers and games, from the trusted sites of course. All drivers are updated and everything is up to date.

If anybody would know a way to fix my issue or might have an idea to the problem please let me know, I really would appreciate it.
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  1. How old is your hard drive?
  2. Smells like a hard drive issue - is this a brand new drive or recycled from another system? If you have the duckets, I would purchase a solid state to run Win7 on, wipe your HDD and use it as a document storage drive.
  3. What I have is a 2tb SSD, I just ran the system in a safe mode and it isn't having a single problem with loading. The SSD itself is somewhere close to 2 years old I believe. My friend was saying some thing about bad peripherals or a bus port or a pop controller, not sure what those mean though.
  4. I just did another clean install of windows 7 and it seems to have done the trick. I'm not sure what the problem was but it is solved, at least for now anyway.
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