Nvidia gt 755m sli vs nvidia gtx 860m

Im looking to get a new laptop for school but also on that can handle all the new games that are coming. Im looking at the lenovo y510p with a gt755m sli. But at CES they announce the y50 model which is rumored to have a gtx 860m. WHat do you guys think. Will the single 860m be more powerful than the 755m sli and should I wait till may for the y50
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  1. No, the 860M is unlikely to be faster than two SLI mobile chips.
  2. Pretty sure raw performance will be better on the sli solution, however the Y50 is supposed to be thinner and lighter which some people will prefer i just bought the Y510 and i love it
  3. CraigN said:
    No, the 860M is unlikely to be faster than two SLI mobile chips.

    It's gonna depend on whether that 860m is kepler or Maxwell. I could see the 860m being better than the 755m sli if it's essentially a mobile 750 ti, which is a 60W card. If the best maxwells are harvested for the mobile market, they might able to get 90~100% of 750 ti performance and not have any sli penalty.

    Right now it's still up in the air as to whether Maxwell is showing up in the 800m series. I think it is, but nobody is 100% sure. That being said, I'm more interested in the y50 model than the y510p model for other reasons.
  4. The 880M has already come out and it's not a Maxwell chip. The 860M *could be* a Maxwell chip, and will most definitely be faster than a 755m and 760m, maybe even the 765M, at less power *consumption*, but *highly* unlikely to be faster than two 755Ms in SLI.

    To put it in perspective, Two 755Ms are 12%-14% faster than one 770M. The 765M is 20% slower than the 770M. So while it's highly likely the 860M will replace the 760 and 765, and close the gap between itself and the 770M, there's no stand to reason that one mobile chip will magically be better than two mobile cards in SLI.

    Nvidia has (repeatedly) said that the performance jump from Kepler to Maxwell will not be as big as the jump from Fermi to Kepler, but more over a growth in power savings.

    I think some people are giving way too much credit to the benefits coming with Maxwell. These cards will simply have better memory unification and power consumption. They don't teraflop rainbows and unicorns though.
  5. The full 800M series was launched by Nvidia yesterday. The 860M is a Maxwell card, and is faster than the 760M and 765M, very close to the 770M in performance with much less power requirement.

    This would put the 755Ms as still faster, but definitely hotter, than the 860M. Hope this helps make your decision.
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