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Hi guys! I am looking for a good console gaming monitor. I am not too familiar with monitors and how things work with monitors but I have read a few things that I have some questions about.

I would like a 27 inch screen, with at least one HDMI port. I will sitting at a desk so between 2-4 feet away. I am not hardcore gamer where I need the best ( budget won't allow it) but I want something that I won't need to upgrade for a few years. I have been kind of spoiled ( in my opinion) playing on a 150 projector and a 73 inch, but what I have learned is bigger is not always better. From what I read, here is what I think would be my choices

LG 27 inch IPS monitor
Asus mx279h

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as making this decision is starting to get stressful :)
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  1. Any particular reason why you don't want to console on a big TV or projector? Or you don't have one?

    That Asus monitor is fine. But keep in mind the console will not change its output resolution. If the console plays something at 720p it will still be 720p on any monitor/tv and stretched to fill the screen.
  2. I would love to go big console, but with the wife and kids, I am moving everything to my office, so more confined space. The console is the xbox one. I play call of duty, and sports game, as well the some rpg games that will be coming out. My problem is I find a monitor, then read 100 great reviews, then I'll find 2 or 3 negative reviews
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    I see. Its totally fine to play your console on a monitor. You will see better image quality (due to the IPS panel), less ghosting and faster response times. Take note the built in speakers are not very good. But speakers are a luxury most monitors don't come with.
  4. Thank you!!!!
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