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Hi, i am Arun
i am sending this mail to know some of the pc requirements

what are the system requirements for using PowerColor AMD/ATI HD 7770 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
my system is having
RAM of 4 GB..
Win 7 64 bit
processor : intel(r) core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz ( 4 CPUs), ~3.3GHz
Direct X version 11 (should any changes be made for the perfect working of the above graphics card that i mentioned)

and my current graphics card is having the following,
Total memory 2747 MB

and one more thing, is it possible for me to use 2 graphics cards at once in my PC and will the games like assassins creed 4 , ghost recon future soldier , splinter cell black list work fine without reducing their graphics...... :??:

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    Your current system should be compatible with the PowerColor AMD HD 7770. And yes it is possible to use two graphics card at once, this is also known as CrossFire for AMD and SLI for Nvidia. Although they both have to be the same GPU and if your motherboard supports it as well as your Power Supply.

    If your system has a 500W power supply, then your system should be ready for the HD 7770.
  2. how can i know if my pc has 500w power supply and can i play those games mentioned above without reducing their graphics and
    my other graphics card is zotac ge force 210 nvidia can it be used along with the graphics card mentioned by me
  3. Yes your GPU is compatible and run in your system without any worry. But do your PSU has a 6 pin PCI-E supplementary power cable, it will be needed to power the card.

    Yes you can use two GPU's in your system if your MB has 2 x PCI-E slots. But I would suggest you not to, cause Crossfire never works better, it has driver issues. So a single card will be better.

    Update : Open the left side panel of the case to look into the PSU, you will see a sticker stating the make/model and power in wattage.

    And yes you can use both NVidia and AMD card if you have WIN XP or 7, I don't know if it will work under Vista. But you wouldn't benefit using two different GPU's.
  4. You can check by opening your computer case, or if you have a pre-built computer search up the model number it should say. No you cannot run the Zotac GeForce 210 with the AMD HD 7770, firstly they are different GPUs and different GPU brands and secondly the GeForce 210 doesn't support SLI.
  5. can you suggest me better graphics card at the range of 8500 INR, and pls tell if the games would work perfectly (ghost recon future soldier,ac 4 black flag .......)

    and is it a nice card (AMD HD 7770) which will run games perfectly
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