Deleted desktop items have reappeared - Win 7 - 64bit

This happened before, and I cannot recall the fix.

I cleaned up my desktop some time ago, since I tend to accumulate folders and files of things I'm working on...

Not sure if related, but last night, we installed Kaspersky, ran a full backup, and then a chk dsk due to major dsk errors (crossing my fingers on avoiding crash for now)... then, prior to the Chk Dsk run, I noticed that my desktop was FULL of all those old folders and files that had been deleted before.

Why...? And best way to remedy?

I can delete again, and empty the trash and hope... but thinking there is something else I should do.

Reply in non geek language please... :)
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  1. Hey Christine,

    I'll do my best to reply in normal people words, but if there is anything you can't understand just tell me and I can walk you through it. So what it appears like is that you have gone to a previous backup before the disk errors occurred and before the files were deleted. I think that just deleting the files and emptying trash should fix it. My only other concern is when you say major disk errors. In the world of geeks this throws up HUGE red flags. My recommendation is to try and delete them and then if you still experience any issues you can come back and tell myself or any of the other great people on the forums. What I would most likely do then is walk you through exporting your files and resetting windows to factory settings which would fix the corruption. But that is an unnecessary step at this moment in time so I would just delete the files for now. Hope I could help!!!

  2. 1. Throw PC from the 12th floor
    2. Set it on fire.
    3. ???
    4. Problem solved !

    If this helped your problem please select this as the Answer :)

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