what would you rate my future build gaming pc?

rate it from 1-10,
processor: intel core i3 3220
motherboard: intel DH67CL
3d card: AMD HIS HD 7750 icooler 1024 mb 128 bit
power supply: Cooler master extreme II 525 watts
RAM: Corsair vengence 8 gb
i will be using os windows 7,
I WOULD ALSO LIKE YOU TO TELL ME IF IT IS GOOD FOR AN AVERAGE GAMER, i want to playe games like fifa 13,14 pes 2013,2014, battlefield 3,2 crysis 3,
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  1. eh power suply is junk but with low power consumtion it should be ok you could probalby play them on low but hte 7750 is a weak gpu
  2. It's a decent build but could definitely use a better Power supply and Video card
  3. what if i get a 600 watt power supply? and plz RATE!
    i dont really wanna get a better gpu, im an average gamer, im actually a beginner!
    and also tell will it be able to play games i mentioned above, and games related to them
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