Problem attatching CPU heatsink/cooler. RAPID help needed

Right now in this second, i have a computer in front of me i was buliding but then i ran into a problem with attatching the CPU heatsink/cooler to the motherboard. The cooler has 4 screws and is rather big and effective ASUS cooler (Not the original, i guess, i got the system it was originally in as used). I used it in my old computer. My new motherboard is Asus P5N-D and it has holes but no threads. Did i go wrong at some part? Rapid help needed please. Am i forced to buy a new one or what?.. argghh..., So frustrated.
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    There is probably a backplate on the underside of the MB(the old motherboard). This is threaded and slips into the holes from the underside of the motherboard and allows you to screw the heatsink in place.
  2. Oh! Wasn't i stupid. Thank you very much
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