How to add windows 7 Professional computer on a domain windows server 2003 r2.

I installed windows server 2003 r2 and now i want to add windows 7 Professional computer on domain which i setup on windows server 2003 r2?
Please help me friends i tried so hard but still no success.
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    Start > Right-click Compter > Properties

    Click Advanced System Settings on the left

    Go to the Computer Name tab

    Click Change next to "Rename this computer etc"

    Check the box for Domain, not Workgroup. Type in your domain name and press ok.

    You might have to enter the details of an Administrator account and you will have to restart the computer.

    Failure to join the domain at this stage is commonly a DNS issue. Be sure your Windows 7 machine is using the 2003 Server as DNS and not your router. This is quite a common mistake.

    Same process explained in this guide but with pictures
  2. Yes thanks today i realized my mistake and solved..
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