hook up a sony str k750p receiver to my hp desktop.

I need help hooking up my sony receiver to my computer. I tried hooking it up with stereo adapter cables. After watching a you tube video but it didnt work.
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  1. you should be using spdif coax (the bright orange looking rca plug) or spdif optical (the port above it).

    which does your computer have on the back of it? if neither, then you may need to get a cheap soundcard to export on either one of those.
  2. Thank you, I guess I dont have the right cables. I'm one of those people who's clock flashes 12:00 forever!
    I took a couple pictures to show what I have.
    Below is the back of my pc:

    I have the red and white and yellow cables as well as the one that is red and white on one end and then black on the other. Thanks
  3. your computer doesnt have the required connections.

    you will need to buy either an internal soundcard or an external soundcard. you need one which has either spdif optical (could be called just optical or perhaps toslink) or spdif coax (could be called digital coax). i would go with a coax version as a first choice (the orange rca cable looking one).

    that should be relatively inexpensive since you likely do not need all that much.
  4. Is this what I need for a sound card? Thanks
    USB 6 Channel 5.1 External Audio Sound Card Adapter S/PDIF US Laptop Netbook PC
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    its an external soundcard with spdif out (or at least thats what i get from the description) so it looks like it would work. i would use an internal soundcard if you have room but an external works (it just hangs off the back of your pc...).

    read the reviews to make sure its not a junk one (though all it needs to do is outpor spdif either optical or coax so shouldnt matter a huge deal)
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