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how does one know, when the cpu is to slow for the gpu? (for gaming) For example one buy a high end graphics card, but has a slow i3 for example... the i3 will hold back the card from its full potential... Is there any graph or calculator for this?

if ti makes any sense...
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  1. every games are different, some use more cpu then gpu, some are other way around.
  2. It is heavily dependant on the software (game) your are running.
    Some titles are heavily GPU dependant, others are CPU hogs.

    My advice is simply to get the best your budget can afford. In the future, if you find that a game you are playing requires more horsepower than you have, you have the option of saving up to upgrade for a better component.
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    Also remember that a good CPU is more important than a good GPU for two reasons:
    • If the GPU is too slow for a game, you can always tone down graphics details and play anyway. However, if the CPU is too slow for a game, you are screwed.
    • The same GP , combined with a better CPU, can achieve higher levels of graphical details in a game. I witnessed that myself when replacing my old Phenom II with an i5-4670 whilst keeping my Radeon 7770. However, if the CPU is the bottleneck, a better GPU will not get you far.

    Another aspect is that you can always replace the GPU with a better model later, but replacing the CPU requires a mainboard replacement in most of the cases, which costs money and often requires a Windows re-installation. Sometimes you even need new RAM.

    So if you have the choice now to focus your money on CPU or GPU, go for a better CPU and upgrade your GPU later.
  4. Hi, best way to find that out is to open the task manager and download a gpu monitoring software as msi afterburner.

    Play the game and alt-tab to check if the cpu/gpu is at 100%.
  5. thanks guys.. much apreciated... well theres actualy i3... 3.2ghz ivy i belive.. and NO gpu at all :D so I'm thinking if this i3 wont bottleneck a 300usd gpu...

    its not my system, no shame :)
  6. If I were you I would either upgrade to a decent CPU or, if that exceeds your budget, get a $80 GPU now. You will see a huge improvement, because the integrated GPUs are the peak of crappiness and it doesn't take much to beat them. This will allow you to upgrade in a tick-tock fashion. Tick $80 GPU now. Tock decent CPU later. Tick awesome GPU even later.
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