250gb SSD + 1tb HDD vs 120gb SSD + 2tb HDD

250gb SSD + 1tb HDD vs 120gb SSD + 2tb HDD
I am going to get some storage drives, for SSD as the primary and HDD for the secondary.

My primary registry hard drive corrupted and I think its because I have used it for the past years.
It bloody corrupted as soon as I finished my 1st year programming assignment.

I am getting a WD black for its performance and reliability.

I am stuck between getting a 120gb SSD & a 1tb HDD or a 250gb SSD & 2tb HDD. They are priced similarly.

Any thougts/experiences that I should consider.

Also im selling my x4 965 black edition: ebay
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    I would go for a smaller SSD. The 2TB hard drive gives you more space, and unless you will be installing a bunch of Adobe programs on the SSD, You shouldn't need more than 120gb. Iv'e got Windows and a few games, plus Chrome and a few other things on my 120gb SSD, and i'v still got about 75gb left.
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