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Ok so here is what happened my pc was being particularly buggy giving me blue screens randomly so I decided to update my BIOS ( which I didn't know how to do) I downloaded the update off the MSI website and I assumed that you open the .exe file it came up with this MSI window and I can't really remember if I closed it or if it restarted the computer but I got a black screen but the computer was still running so I decided to turn it off via holding down the power button for 8 seconds then I turned it back on and it still didn't connect to the monitor so I did everything I could like clearing CMOS removing the BIOS battery I even tried restoring the bios via USB but to no avail and now I don't no what to do so if someone could help me that would be swell. By the way I plugged in the pc speaker and it gives off 2 short beeps upon turning on. My motherboard is a MSI FM2-A55M-E33 and 4GB 1600mhz corsair RAM and a A6-5400K.
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    Failed BIOS update, bricked board basically time to contact MSI support.
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