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I bought a new gaming PC a few months ago and have been relying on a wifi USB adapter to connect to a network. It sucks... There is a lot of signal interference between my PC and the router and I can't move it anywhere else. So I was thinking of buying a new router and using wired connection instead of wifi, so my question is do I have to just connect my PC to a new router via cat6 cable and that's it I get better internet connection or is there more to the process? The router I'm getting is a Linksys n900 EA4500. Help, I can't download mods for my skyrim game without fast internet!
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  1. Does your router now not have ethernet ports in the back? But to answer your question, yes, that is all you would need to do :)
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    +2 what's your current router? (don't think I've ever seen one that didn't have at least one (1) ethernet port on the back)

    NOTE: you don't need Cat 6 cost more and only need for 10Gb ethernet...

    Just get Cat 5e..............

    NOTE: if you only have one ethernet port and need a second, we can suggest JUST a ethernet switch, way cheaper than a new router....
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