Hard drive showing up in the BIOS, but not in windows

So I booted up my system and my HDD wasnt showing. I then tried disk part, no luck. However the drive is still showing in the BIOS, which seems odd.

Any solutions?

I may add that its a 2TB WD green, and it's been working perfectly for around a year. just, Suddenly it stopped showing in windows. This is my storage drive, and i use an SSD for booting.

(I have tried Disk Management search tool, with no succes)

Is my drive broken, or is there an explanation to all this?
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    It may have failed. The BIOS will see it if it is physically connected. The OS may not see it if it can't access it. Try unplugging it for a couple boots, then plug it back in. It may need to be "reset".
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