06 Macbook (non-pro) logic board replacement.

Hello everyone. I have been having some trouble getting my 2006 (late, I believe) Macbook logic board replaced. I took it to a local shop, they diagnosed it as the logic board being bad and gave me the hefty price tag of $525 to repair. Needless to say, I figured they were full of it. I then check another local shop, they diagnosed the same thing and told me they would get me a board for around $50; However, it been 5 months of waiting for said board.

My general specs (off the top of my head.)
Macbook (non-pro), 13", black, A1181.
If anything else is needed, I can snag those as well, just let me know.

I've been doing some shopping around online looking for boards, but what I ran into was the cpu speeds. Mine currently has a 2.0 processor in it, but I was wondering if I could use a say 2.4ghz.
E.g. ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/APPLE-MACBOOK-A1181-13-3-BLACK-INTEL-2-4ghz-T8300-LOGIC-BOARD-820-2279-TESTED-/181294070895?pt=Motherboards&hash=item2a35f7fc6f )

I've found used boards--even though I am jaded on used electronics--for roughly $50-$100. Anyone have any suggestions, or even ideas? I don't have the resources to buy a new pro or air, so I am trying to work with this for now. Also, I am required to have it due to a couple of classes at school, unfortunately.
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  1. If I am missing any required information, let me know.
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