sapphire radeon hd 7850

i was going to sell my radeon hd 7850 to a friend

we installed the card and it worked fine. Updated the drivers etc...

But when he was going to launch battlefield 4 the game was loading and it didn't stop

And other games also had long loading times but they loaded up and was playable. But not BF4
any solutions?
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    Did you uninstall any previous gfx driver in the system first? You also may want to run Driver Sweeper from safe mode to get rid of any remnants:

    Give CCleaner a try too. IT can do wonders if his registry is messed up:
  2. he had an AMD card before and we didn't uninstall the old driver first we only installed the new drivers
  3. AMD, unlike Nvidia, requires you to uninstall the previous driver first. Even then, there are sometimes remnants of the old driver(s) left over in the Registry. That's why it is a good idea to use DS too.
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