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Hello All,

I'm currently running on-board graphics and looking for a GPU that's compatible with my setup. I don't want to spend any more than is needed. Maybe ot's not needed at all, I just like having a GPU in the box.
Use will be workstation, streaming, very light CAD work and general purpose stuff.
ASUS H87m-PLUS (Intel HD 4600)
i7 4770 @3.4GHz

Many thanks in advance
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  1. How much do you want to spend?
  2. I guess you have to find a 'need' for one. I cant see it.
    4600 igp should be fine for streaming video. .
  3. GTX 760/770 or R9 270/280X . depends on the budget
  4. What's your budget and is your pc not performing as great as you wanted to?
  5. Is your pc having trouble running your cad projects? If not, then I would say you don't need one.
  6. PC runs fine I just built it on a budget and now want a GPU. Is there anything around $150 that will do better than the on-board video?
  7. AMD R7 260X but I don't think you need a dedicated gpu.
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  9. Maybe if you want the option for in example gaming purposes something like the R7 260x would be nice for that budget. Also HD 7770 (cheaper) and 7790.. And as a bonus they have amd app acceleration which takes stress of from cpu to gpu. But before bying make sure your power supply is good enough.
  10. Thank you for your input. How do I know if my power supply is good enough?
  11. There is a 7790 1gb for 95,- and a r7 260x for 130,-(wich is better then the 7790).
    Go for one of those and make sure your psu has 500watt and it is 80+ bronze certified.
  12. Well I went with the XFX One HD 5450. It hasn't ended well.
  13. woody240 said:
    Well I went with the XFX One HD 5450. It hasn't ended well.

    the intel hd 4600 is just as strong maybe even stronger than the hd 5450.
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